A US road trip

Here we are able to bring together in one place a significant and sufficient number of the articles, videos, podcasts - but some still in preparation - from the PIElink editor's study trip to the US in 2016.   In the side panel (or below) we have Robin's video diary of observations, discussions, questions and comments - some also in the form of sound recordings.

These are gradually being edited together, to stand as the evidence base - such as it is - for the initial conclusions Robin drew. Three short weeks, and in three states, is not exactly a lot of in-depth research; so it is best to be transparent with what there is.

It is in this context that we heard the news of a significant shift in US policy in December 2022.


NB: There are also three* written essays specifically chronicling Robin's trip to the US, with questions and conclusions:

  1. Packed with questions : HERE
  2. They do things differently there :  HERE
  3. Red Herrings and Real Achievements :  HERE

NB: These three form a single chapter in 'Cross-cultural dialogues in homelessness: from pretreatment strategies to psychologically informed environments' (PIELink page : HERE)

Some other chapters from Jay Levy's writings are also available here for free, to registered members.



Further background reading/listening/viewing

See also : American PIE? : HERE



Obligatory documentary trope - a 'journey of discovery' : HERE

Ground cover on Housing First : HERE

Ground cover on risk and loss in disrupting street community social networks : HERE

Ground cover on community organisation in tent cities in the US : HERE

Into the woods - a video exploration of Camp Take Notice now: HERE

Brendan Plante on outreach and community work : HERE

A PIE of Pathways; Jay Levy on attachment, relationship, witness and continuity : HERE

A PIE of Pathways: Jay Levy on the work of REACH in Western Massachusetts : HERE

John Yaswinski and April Conolly explain how the Father Bill's and Mainspring service evolved to meet changing needs : HERE

John Yaswinski & April Conolly & Robin Johnson discuss how gaps in mental health services evolved, and homelessness services then meet those needs : HERE



Here for the PIElink are three* essay-length papers describing Robin's trip to the US, and thoughts.

  • Packed with questions : HERE
  • They do things differently there :  HERE
  • Red Herrings and Real Achievements :  HERE

For the follow up, see "Cross-cultural Dialogues in Homelessness' (PIElink page ): HERE

  • NB: Here, for publication on the PIElink, they appear as three separate essays. But also they appear as one single chapter in 'Cross cultural dialogues on homelessness: from pretreatment strategies to Psychologically Informed Environments' . There they have the overall title: 'Chapter 10 - They do things differently there; PIEs, Housing First and the New Social Psychiatry'.