Member groups are one of the most valuable features of the new PIELink.

A group is the place for members to share a focus on any subject, a locality, or a particular practice. Developing networks and groups is a key stepping stone in our ambition to create a community of practice. 

Each group has its own forum, where members can post topics for discussion, and the 'activity stream' is a handy feature which enables members to quickly see what's happening within the group.   Note that all group discussions here are public, but only members can actively participate. 

Head to the 'All Groups' page here  to browse & join existing groups.

For information on creating a closed, members only group, contact us using the Contact Form below

NB: This Groups feature is still new; and it may take a while yet to fully get into gear. For the moment, if you want to suggest a group topic (and/or a Blab linked live event discussion) just get in touch with us, and we can suggest what might work best, others to invite etc etc.

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