Action Learning Sets

It really is this easy to create a page for any new project. Took me about five minutes.

I tend to use this left hand column for the message you want to put over - a few paragraphs is best. If you want more, use sub-headings if possible; it help the eye and the brain.

The right hand column is better for links that you want folk to click on; where they go is up to you, but if you want another page on the site - again, its quick and easy to do.

The question is: what do you want to say here?


PS: this page is 'published' - so you can see it, and edit it - but it's not (yet) in the menus, and there are no links to here; so only you two will find it.

More details - local groups etc

Here you can put more material, and/or clickable links.

For example:

The 'START HERE!' page : HERE

Discussions, questions and forums : HERE


You can also put an email address, for contact; but if so, its best to disguise it or you'll get spambotted..

So, something like this:  contact robin [at] pielink [dot] net