What is the benefit in becoming a PIE Abacus 'Associate'?

There are, in principle, both tangible and intangible benefits to becoming an Associate.


  • Associates take a share of the 1-1 mentoring that will be bundled with the PIE Abacus Intermediate training (for PIE leads) and the hourly rate fee.
  • Associates can then pick up any on-going consultancy or training that may arise out of that mentoring relationship
  • Associates will have their own (free) licence for a demonstration PIE Abacus
  • Associates will earn 5% commission on any PIE Abacus sales arising from their introduction to it, for the first year.
  • Associates who join the PIEs 'Inner Core' developers group (see below) will get their expenses and other incentives (not yet determined) in return for their contribution.


The more intangible benefits of becoming an Associate are primarily those that may come with the status of being an associate.

All Associates are in effect 'accredited' as PIE Abacus trainers - and to make that point clear, we might as well make 'accreditation' a formality - though all those who complete the Advanced training will be 'accredited' - there is no intention currently to introduce any further hurdle to leap.

This accreditation applies only as a statement of competence to demonstrate or facilitate self assessment using the PIE Abacus. It is far too soon to say to what extent accreditation and Associate status may be advantageous, in getting other work.

The possible value in the 'status' of being one of the developers group (see below) is even more un-guessable, at this stage.


PIE Abacus Developers' 'Inner Core' group

25% of the income from sales of the PIE Abacus in the first year is earmarked for future development of PIEs, the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus; rising to 30% for renewed licences.

The 'Inner Core' developers' group will be the equivalent of an editorial board, advising how best to develop the programme and deploy that income.

NB: It is possible that first becoming an Associate, and then going on to join the PIE Abacus developers' 'Inner Core' group, might help alleviate the isolation too often experienced by independent trainers and consultants.  In an ideal world, being part of a supportive developers' community would be welcome.  Sadly this is not an ideal world, and competition and rivalry in this market economy may limit or undermine this aspiration. But its an aspiration worth having.