In UK parlance, a hostel is a temporary place to stay, usually not large (perhaps 10 to 30+ beds) and often with individual rooms or shared flats; and this is the standard term for a residential unit for homeless persons, in the UK. Typically a range of support services may also be offered to residents.

A foyer is a hostel specifically for young people, with education and support into employment, perhaps counselling, as part of the offer. 

A refuge is normally a very small hostel for women escaping intimate partner violence – though there are a few refuges for men; a refuge will usually have a heightened degree of protection, and often a good deal of peer support.. See also night shelter.

‘Safe haven’ is the term used for services funded under a particular US government programme, so longer being extended with new funding. Capturing the characteristic features of the services funded as safe havens may add something useful to the international dialogue that is not often heard.