Drafts of bold initiatives

An approach to DWP

The DWP, havng been initially keen to get me/us involved as part of their advisory network on becoming more TI's and PI'd, have now dropped the ball and largely disappeared from view. These things happen, I find, and we should not be too paranoid.

But we are in a position to take the initiative; and if we do, we ought to be assertive.

Here's a few ideas for a VERY bold overture to them.


Dear X

Now that we are properly constututed as a Community Interest Company, I and my colleagues are keen to get into gear with new initiatives to promote and research the application of PIEs in suitable areas (that being the raison' d'etre and actually the name of the CIC) .

We aim to be an umbrella organisation, promoting collaboration between agencies; and as a policy, we do not wish to be in competion with other consultancy or training organisations, all trying to make their living in this field. Instead we aim to do what only we can do.

In principle we are very keen to maintain our independence of government or any other major philanthropic funder, except on terms that clearly match our ambition.

But where appropriate we can undertake contracted work, where our particular expertise and approach, and our credibilit, as the stewards of the PIE development and facilitators of the PIElink community of practice is uniquely valuable.

As you will be aware, Robin Johnson, the original founder of the PIEs approach and the PIElink, is now taking a back seat. But he remains on the Board of the CIC, and he has suggested an initiative that might be helpful, for a small group of pilots, for development of your High Street services as PIEs.

We also believe that we may be in a position to leverage additional funding to support his, as an innvoation in public service delivery; and the ensure that it is objectively assessed.




An approach to other funders





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