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International Blab with Ray Middleton

Author(s): Robin Johnson, Jay Levy, Claire Ritchie, Ray Middleton

This was the first deliberate attempt at a transatlantic dialogue about approaches to homelessness, using Blab.Here we have a discussion on PIEs and Pretreatment, and more, with Jay Levy, author of two books on pretreatment, Robin Johnson, co-author of the PIEs guidance, and originator of the term i…

The keys to ‘Pretreatment’ – Jay Levy in interview with Ray Middleton.

Author(s): Jay Levy, Ray Middleton

In this recorded, live streamed, ‘real time’ broadcast, Ray Middleton interviews Jay Levy, author of two books on Pretreatment, about the key principles that Levy spells out there.NB: This interview was part of the on-line training programme on PIEs that Middleton was running for homelessness staff…

‘Healing conversations’ – an interview with Ray Middleton on Open Dialogue and complex needs.

Author(s): Ray Middleton, Robin Johnson

In this un-edited extended interview, Robin Johnson interviews Ray Middleton of Newcastle & Gateshead Fulfilling Lives project on the ‘dialogic’ approach to mental health (and to many other areas of human social and cultural life) and especially to the value of this approach in work focussed on…

Ray Middleton Interviews Robin Johnson on PIEs

Author(s): Ray Middleton and Robin Johnson

In this early experiment in using new live streaming, Ray Middleton interviews Robin Johnson on the origins of the term PIE; and his own personal journey from mental health social work into the field of homelessness.They go on to outline some of the key themes in the PIEs ‘framework’ – with Robin st…