Fresh directions

The PIEs 2.0 framework was always intended - and consciously designed - to be both versatile and scalable.

That is, it was to be versatile, in being adaptable - or 'customisable' - to a wide range of services and sectors, in order to extend the approach first developed in homelessness services to embrace such creativity across the full range of complex needs and responses, and 'complex needs services'.

And the 2.0 framework was to be scalable, in offering something constructive and practical to services and initiatives operating at (almost?) any level, from 1-1 encounters to wholesale systems re-engineering, 'from top to toe' (HERE), and all forms of 'embedding' in between.

This brings into the scope of the subject - PIEs - and the scope of this website - the PIElink - a wealth of new perspectives, fresh ideas, and fresh directions for this project of chronicling, supporting and promoting PIEs.

Here, using the new site design possibilities discovered in the 'Quick links' and secondary menus (HERE), we can provide new 'hub and spoke' pages for many of these new areas to explore.

This should allow us to chart and assist the progress, without further cluttering of the main menu, which can now focus more clearly on the common issues.

Further links and background

New site design : HERE

Navigating : HERE

New directions

  • Tenancy support and Housing First - detailed guidance? : COMING SOON
  • American PIE? : HERE
  • Will there be a PIEs 3?:  HERE
  • A service-user friendly language : HERE
  • Sports, arts, activity and 'greencare' : HERE
  • Learning Difficulties and neuro-diversity : HERE
  • 'PIEs Plus' and healthcare environments : HERE
  • Working with veterans : HERE
  • Pre-treatment therapy : COMING SOON
  • Staff support and staff welfare : COMING SOON
  • Policing and the CJS : COMING SOON
  • Social responsibility in business : HERE