PIEs from the ground up - further links for Chapter 7

Chapter 7 : good questions

Note that in the spirit of welcoming questions, there are a number of pages on this site that echo and reenforce the points made in the book. In addition, the forums (HERE) are intended specifically to allow members - and any others - to raise and discuss questions in the practical application of these ideas.

There are also many recordings of earlier conversations where questions have been raised, and a selection of these can be found on one page of the Resources Hub, with the title of ‘Conversations on developing PIEs’ (HERE).

NB: Otherwise, the obvious place to start to begin digging a little deeper into the ideas of a PIE – and some of the broader thinking behind it – is to go to the PIElink page that is called ‘Digging Deeper’ (HERE).

From here you can immediately follow these links, and others links we have suggested, to:

  • Is the PIE evolving? (summary) : HERE
  • PIEs 1 - the original account : HERE
  • PIEs 2.0 - the basics : HERE and HERE
  • Where are relationships in PIEs 2.0? : HEREHERE and HERE
  • PIEs 3 - the case for and against? : HERE


NB: For those that really want to ‘look under the bonnet’, you might want to explore an area that we don’t otherwise make too prominent. In a link on the ‘Digging deeper’ page, here you will find………….

  • Digging deeper still : HERE

This will take you ‘behind the scenes’, to see where and how we are continuing to discuss and take further the point and the principles and practice of PIEs, and design issues and dilemmas in the development of the website itself.  (See Chapter 7 - The future of PIEs and the PIElink (HERE) for more.)


Chapter content links

All PIE publications : HERE

I : Preface

2 : Introduction : HERE

3 : Ideas in practice : HERE

4 : What is the PIElink? : HERE

5 : Five core themes : HERE

6 : Introducing the PIEs approach : HERE

7 : Good questions : HERE

8 : Pizazz and the PIE Abacus : HERE

9 : The future for PIEs : HERE


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