The 'Introduction' chapter

This page refers to the 'Introduction' chapter to 'Psychologically informed environments from the ground up : Service design for complex needs', by Robin Johnson, the founder and original editor of this site. (The book itself was published in September 2023.)

Amongst other issues in the underlying spirit and the history of PIEs development, the Introduction chapter explains the intention to keep the exploration of PIEs in the book alive, dynamic and growing, by having links on this website to each chapter in the book - and vice versa - beginning with this one. 

This experiment in a creating a hybrid between a website and a physical book allows us to provide clickable links here to all the material mentioned in the book; and also to update this selection with new material, to keep it fresh and relevant to a changing world.

This and subsequent pages therefore function as an on-line Appendix; and the individual chapter links here will take you to the particular material selected as relevant to the issues in each chapter.  In these pages we can also suggest some of the areas on the site that touch on the issues discussed in chapter of the book, but may not be quite so obvious, and easily overlooked.


NB: As all issues interlock, there is some repetition of issues between chapters, but we do aim to keep this to a reasonable minimum. In most cases, the relevance of the 'Quick Links' will be obvious; and these can be reached here (HERE), and from any page on the site, via the footer to all pages.

Other chapters and their links

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I : Preface : HERE

2 : Introduction : HERE

3 : Ideas in practice : HERE

4 : What is the PIElink? : HERE

5 : Five core themes : HERE

6 : Introducing the PIEs approach : HERE

7 : Good questions : HERE

8 : Pizazz and the PIE Abacus : HERE

9 : The future for PIEs : HERE


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Other retailers' lists will be posted as they go live.