Keyword Groups: Client Group

other client

Let us know of any other significant client group definitions, and we will add them in future if there is sufficient demand. See ‘folksonomy’

complex needs

In recent needs, ‘complex needs’ has started to be identified as a client group in its own right (See the UK Big Lottery’s Fulfilling Lives programme for one useful definition.) For a discussion of this change in vocabulary, as a social policy phenomenon, see: Johnson (2014a, 2014b) in the Library.

multiple exclusion

Like ‘complex needs (see below), multiple exclusion is lately beginning to be used as a client group definition, as a counterpart to ‘complex needs’. To cater for this (and encourage it), we include it in this list.

healthcare patients

Use this for a patient of your own healthcare service, or for anyone who is a client of a significant and closely related healthcare service (such as discharge liaison) .

escaping intimate partner violence

‘Escaping violence’ describes a service providing refuge from immediate threat, or the recovery from trauma or threat, such as women or men escaping ‘domestic;’ or ‘intimate partner’ violence, or for asylum seekers or victims of torture. NB: In the literature, ‘escaping intimate partner violence’ is gradually supplanting the term “domestic violence”, as it is more […]


Unlike a history of offending, a history of working in the armed services is not stigmatising, and not an identify issues that people wish to live down. We include the term here, to be used only where it is relevant to the issues some individuals now face, and the support these individuals now need. The […]


The line between offenders and ex-offenders seems to be a convention: prisoners are ‘offenders’, as are those on probation or release; those with an offending history and still at high risk , and/or needing support to establish an new life, to such a degree that they constitute a client group, are ‘ex-offenders’.

care leavers

Those leaving, and those who have or had left, the care of social care services. Note that we do not put time limit on this definition. Use it is it seems relevant, so you can define the time limits for yourself.