Keyword Groups: Clients and Needs

complex trauma

Many services are now adopting this term, derived from psychology and neuroscience, in preference to the awkward medico-diagnostic term “personality disorder”.

local catchment area

A catchment area is the geographical area covered by (and so defined by) a local government or similar administrative body, that in effect defines the range of services. If your service is local but NOT limited by local authority funding you probably want to use “other” – and give more detail in a personal profile?


A locality, at least as will use the term here, means a smaller sub-district within a town or city, usually with some special reasons to be a focus of services, such as area poverty or a concentration of other needs.

other client

Let us know of any other significant client group definitions, and we will add them in future if there is sufficient demand. See ‘folksonomy’

complex needs

In recent needs, ‘complex needs’ has started to be identified as a client group in its own right (See the UK Big Lottery’s Fulfilling Lives programme for one useful definition.) For a discussion of this change in vocabulary, as a social policy phenomenon, see: Johnson (2014a, 2014b) in the Library.

multiple exclusion

Like ‘complex needs (see below), multiple exclusion is lately beginning to be used as a client group definition, as a counterpart to ‘complex needs’. To cater for this (and encourage it), we include it in this list.