Keyword Groups: Skills & Roles

in-patient unit

Although the focus on this community is on homelessness services, there are homeless people on acute wards; and discharge liaison requires a better understanding and knowledge of services. Meanwhile, it appears some psychiatric services are beginning to adopt some of the PIE principles.

night shelter

In the US, the term ‘shelter’ is used to cover all forms of sheltered accommodation, including those that in the UK would be termed hostels, foyers or refuges, half-way houses and long-term supported accommodation (see below). To avoid confusion, we propose to use the term ‘night shelter’ for services that offer night-by-night (or ‘direct access’) […]


A funder here may be a donor, or someone who manages other funds, as a commissioner, to provide services (See also commissioning).

middle manager

NB: ‘Middle’, as used here, may prove too ambiguous a term, covering organisations with few or many levels in the management hierarchy. But here we mean to refer to those who do not have ultimate responsibility for the organisation as a whole, as a CEO or Board member will do.


Usually consultancy is provided to a team or services as a whole, whereas mentoring is support for a particular individual in their role in the organisation; but here one term can stand for both offers.