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Members' newsletter archive

Every month, from December 2015 - October 2017  - with the occasional lapse - we produced an 'Editor's Selection' of half a dozen or more recent published papers, video or podcasts that are particularly relevant to PIEs.

Most newsletters contained news items, too, that members had sent in. This could be a good way to advertise an event, or publication of a paper.

PIElink's Xmas 2017 bumper special issue was to be the last of Editor Robin Johnson's (fairly) regular monthly newsletters, as he tried hard to wind down towards some kind of retirement in the summer of 2018.

Like Mark Twain's wry comment on reports of his death,  Robin's retirement seems also 'greatly exaggerated'; and he returns in 2021 to share a 'Pick of the Year' from 2020.


Guest editing

In future months, we would rather like to see a return to more regular - perhaps not monthly - newsletters with a series of guest editors, offering their own selections of the best and most useful material of the past few moths.   (The first of these was Rachel Brown's May 2018 newsletter, which you find in the panel to the right.)

We would be happy to invite others to take a turn at guest editing the newsletter. Just drop us an email, and we can talk over what it entails.

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