December 2016


New thoughts on:  Is the PIE evolving? a thread of new PIElink exploring how the PIEs concept and practice has evolved over 5 years; and suggesting the early outline of a revised version, for the future. 

Three new items exploring issues for women and homelessness, from Changing Lives' Gap project on harm reduction working with sex workers, and a new approach from GDASS, using a strengths model and target hardening, to escaping domestic violence; plus an item from BBC Radio's Women's Hour on women, exclusion and rehab, that you may well have missed. 

The French connection:  Une conversation avec Anne-Paul Lerosier  is the first of a thread of discussions and presentations in French.

From Labour List - a briefing for activists - we have the first hints of Labour's approach to homelessness,

A reminder that January 31st 2017 would see the National conference on research and evaluation of PIEs.

Plus not one but TWO monthly essays:  December’s essay “Everything you ever wanted to know about PIEs, but were afraid to ask”   and also  “ A way of life?” – a personal comment on time when you are homeless, in prose poem form, from Paul Ashton, published belatedly as the November essay.