March 2017


NB: Here you will find primarily material in video form from the 'Making It Count' research and evidence conference on PIEs, London, 31st Feb 2017.   But also some additional video that is well worth a look: on introducing reflective practice, and on a new approach - pretreatment therapy.

Robin Johnson and Claire Ritchie, jointly presenting the conference introduction, with
"A very brief history of PIEs';  VIDEO HERE
"The key elements of a PIE" : VIDEO HERE; and
"A VERY brief future of PIEs' : VIDEO HERE 

"The lessons learned from an evaluation of facilitated PIEs training", by Sophie BoobisVIDEO HERE

"Using Open Dialogue in research and development"Sophie Boobis and Ray Middleton co-presenting on their own journey into co-working : VIDEO HERE

"How to conduct client-centred research with people with complex needs". with Becky Rice and Juliette Howe VIDEO HERE

"Using multiple data sources to show effectiveness with complex needs"Grant Everitt of Opportunity Nottingham (and Framework Housing),  VIDEO HERE

"A brief future of PIEs" -  Robin Johnson on proposals for a new PIEs self assessment and specification framework - the PIE Abacus (NB: this a longer version of the morning's introduction, described as the VERY brief future; VIDEO HERE

And also:
John Conolly, at the Homeless Health conference, on integrating pre-treatment with therapy, for  multiple exclusion homelessness.  VIDEO HERE

Renzo Cardosi of Ypeople, East Kilbride, interviews Robin Johnson on "What do we know of the value of reflective practice?" : VIDEO HERE