Special issue on evaluation


May's newsletter focuses on evaluation, introducing a whole new page on the issue, on the PIElink.  Plus a handful of interesting (and brief) recent items that offer new insights into working with the most excluded.  Plus a new feature for the newsletter: the 'Golden Oldie'

On evaluation 
The PIElink's new 'On evaluation' page (HERE) starts with  some general points on evaluation relevant to PIEs and complex needs, plus - as always - multiple links to explore, for further insights, views and interviews, including:

  • A correspondence on outcomes for PIEs (HERE
  • Complex needs and evidence based treatments (HERE
  • The range of data on complex needs (HERE
  • Formative vs summative evaluation (HERE

and many more besides

Useful (brief) insights on

  • memory, trauma, and supported preparation for future challenges (HERE
  • The use of 'we' and 'generic you' as shared language (HERE
  • Swearing as DIY empowerment (HERE

The Golden Oldie
This new end section is an opportunity to revisit some of the great content from past years. So, digitally re-mastered to bring the whole presentation together:

  • Victoria Aseervatham's 'Top Tips for commissioners' (HERE