September 2016: Housing First in the US, special issue

September 2016 offers three fresh perspectives on Housing First in the US
From the editor's field trip to the US in the Spring, we have a batch of videos with up-to-date news on how Housing First (HF) has been and is still being developed there.

 The development of Father Bill's and Mainspring services   John Yaswinski and April Connolly describe the needs-led evolution of their homeless services in Quincey, Massachusetts, as one of the pioneers of Housing First.

Why HF developed in the US when it did  The conversation with John Yaswinski and April Connolly continues, turning into a more in-depth exploration of how 'reforms' to mental health services in the US let so many drop through - creating a whole new client group with complex needs that previous service models had not been geared for.

A more skeptical view of how individuals are housed via Housing First  A very different view of Housing First from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the  Groundcover street newspaper team team.

Street homelessness and the need for community; Groundcover's Kiela Crabtree talks of the strength of community in street homelessness, and the need for services supporting individuals to be aware of and respect those needs.

From initial creativity to a government-mandated programme; the strengths and weakness of this shift.  Jay Levy is a supporter of HF; but well aware of how it can be - and has been - over-promoted as the panacea for all ills. 

A PIE of pathways: providing continuity for fragmented selves Jay then describes the work of his own team, the REACH service in Western  Massachusetts, in providing valuable continuity through all the stages of recovery to housing.