PIE Abacus costs - Individual user Abacuses

The costs for the PIE Abacus have been deliberately made extremely straightforward and simple to calculate. The cost is £80 per annum, per Abacus (plus VAT). However, you will need a minimum of 10 Abacuses for a PIE Abacus account, which means that in practice, the cost starts at £800; and if you want 20 Abacuses, that will be £1,600; and so on, to whatever level


Individual user Abacuses

Note that in these costs we have made no distinction between an Abacus that is allocated for a frontline team or service, with one individual operating as the scribe for the whole team, and an Abacus that is allocated to a particular individual worker, for their own assessment, planning and practice sharing purposes.

This might seem, at first sight, quite a high cost, granted that you can get a whole team’s assessment for the same price as a single individual’s. But there are some workers whose role in the system or network is to liaise with others outside the agency’s own network, in which they are employed, attached or embedded.

Workers whose role – and value to the agency – involves communicating with their peers outside, such as in a professional network or other community of practice – will want to be able to give their own views and perspective on shared issues as they see them, rather than having to consult with all the other members, to give those of the team as a whole.

This extra flexibility and speed of response is probably most useful for those in a more professional role. For others with more specialist or management functions within the agency, the possible value of individual Abacuses will vary from agency to agency, dependent to some extent on the complexity or degree of specialism in the work of the agency, and perhaps on the extent or development of inter-agency  structures locally.


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