The PIE Abacus - a new step on the journey

The PIE Abacus is a new and entirely on-line version of the Pizazz self assessment and service development process for Psychologically Informed Environments -  PIEs.

This is the next stepping stone in the PIEs journey.

  • NB: For the comparison and differences between the PIE Abacus and the 'Pizazz on paper', see: The Pizazz on paper or on screen? : HERE

Building on 20 years experience with this software in education, the PIE Abacus has been comprehensively adapted for our purposes, in complex needs work. Three years (+) in development, the PIE Abacus is designed to give larger agencies and networks an overview of progress in their roll out of PIEs. The potential in this software for whole systems work, and for system change, is something to be explored now

A good place to start to explore what this software has to offer is the 'outline summary' pages on the PIElink : HERE

There is also a fairly comprehensive 'essential briefing' for PIE leads : HERE

Or you could just go straight to the 'Getting started" page : HERE

And for those who would just like to talk over what use it might be to you - and we do recommend that you do - just drop us a line, at

The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.

  • NB: The PIE Abacus uses software which is commercially developed; and for this there is a charge. For the thinking behind the charging policy, see 'Pizazz costs as income' : HERE   And for the way these charges apply, and can be shared, see  'Weighing the costs and the 'value added' of the PIE Abacus' : HERE

Further background reading/listening/viewing

Library items

'The PIE Abacus - essential briefing for PIE leads *'  : HERE.

(* and any others in comparable roles)

Weighing the costs and ‘value added’ of the PIE Abacus : HERE


For applications in particular settings, see:

  • The PIE Abacus – in medium to large agencies HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – in local practice networks : HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – in smaller 'stand alone' services HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – as a research tool : HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – in communities of practice : HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – in service user-led assessments : HERE
  • The PIE Abacus – with services using PIEs1 : HER


All PIE Abacus FAQs HERE


PIElink pages

The Pizazz on paper or on screen : HERE

FAQ - PIE Abacus typical licence costs : HERE;

FAQ - PIE Abacus licence costs summary' : HERE

Getting started with an Abacus 'customer account' : HERE

PIE Abacus uses and terms of use: HERE.

Costs and sustainability : HERE

Costs as income : HERE


Piloting of the PIE Abacus

Gareth Williams of POBL on using PIEs 2, and piloting the PIE Abacus.

Pizazz and the PIE Abacus; the work we now have to do for ourselves: HERE

Key aims of the pilot : HERE

Timescales and time commitment HERE

The story so far : HERE

The Pizazz approach

For the overall introduction to the Pizazz, see Introducing the Pizazz: HERE

For a note on current and future costs of using the Pizazz, see Pizazz costs and sustainability: HERE

The pen-and-paper version

The basic Pizazz assessment summary sheets are  HERE

The Pizazz Handbook, 'Useful questions',  is HERE

Pizazz assessment levels guidance is HERE

Advice for Pizazz assessment facilitators is HERE

Creative Commons licence terms are HERE