Pre-treatment and PIEs in the micro-social world

NB: 'Pre-treatment and PIEs in the micro-social world' is the title of an essay that appears in two collections of essays, one here, and one currently pending publication*.


Individuals and environments

In this essay Robin goes further in exporing the connective tissue between PIEs and the Pretreatment approach, with a novel suggestion derived from a quite novel approach to biology. This is the concept of the 'Umwelt', meaning the world or the environment as experienced by each individual (in biology, each species).

The micro-social world is about individuals, but individuals in context; it includes the relationships we have with others. In particular it includes the relationships we can create and offer through emotionally intelligent service design, flexible but still organised; and this includes the beliefs and working ideas that we bring to these relationships, and the ways we may express them.

Whether in 1-1 interactions, or in groups or communities, such relationships between persons are as much a part of the environment as any physical world.  Here Johnson then offers multiple examples of uses of the environment that enhance engagement; with links that you will find here..


* The first, now published, is 'Unfinished business', a collection of essays by Robin Johnson - to which these PIELink pages refer. The second - un-named as yet - appears in another collection of essays, the next in a string of books on Pre-treatment by Jay S. Levy. For more on Levy's work, see the Pretreatment pages HERE; and also the interview with him, in the forums programme for 2022, HERE.

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