PIElink Special Interest Group

This is the only the first draft for a page for the embryonic PIElink Special Interest Group on commissioning.

Here we will gather any useful material that members of the group wish to share.



In the side panel there are links to a number of existing PIElink pages where there are issues and comments or other material relevant to commissioning for PIEs; and to psychologically informed commissioning.

(Note that many of these do not appear in the main menus; and some are incomplete drafts. They need also some pruning to minimise duplication.)


PIElink pages

Whole systems as PIEs : HERE

Commissioning : HERE

Can smarter commissioning help to encourage PIEs? : HERE

A PIE of pathways : HERE

A single framework : HERE

Pathways, systems and system coherence : HERE

Gaps and barriers : HERE

Navigators and 'system brokers' : HERE

Rigidity and system change : HERE

Complexity : HERE

The public health paradaigm : HERE

New Public management : HERE

360 degree evaluation : HERE