Special Interest Groups - for on-going collaboration

What is a Special Interest Group?

From 2022, we had planned to extend the PIElink lunchtime forum discussion programme with more on-going engagement via 'Special Interest Groups', or 'SIGs'.

These would be opportunities for PIElink members to get more actively and pro-actively involved in shaping the PIEs project into the future, with on-going discussions - like a working party, only with a less task-focused remit.

With Robin, the editor, then unable to continue to manage this development for heath reasons, for 2022 these plans were suspended. WE hope to resume them in 2023. (Those interested, contact Natalie at: natalie [dot] leona [dot ]timothy [@] gmail{dot] com)

See also the page on the proposals for an advisory/editorial group, to oversee and promote the development of future forums and SIGS : HERE


The initial SIG topics

Nevertheless, the first three such proposed SIGs now each has its own dedicated page, for the exchange of practice development materials.

  • Housing First, PIEs and the Pizazz : HERE
  • Roll out and embedding with the Pizazz and PIE Abacus (for PIE leads) : HERE
  • PIEs research and evaluation  : HERE
  • A service user-friendly language for PIEs and Pizazz : not yet scheduled

The SIGs initially were to have initial on-line meetings in the late afternoon, 5pm - 6pm, UK time ('Happy Hour") on a Wednesday.  But like a virtual working party, the SIGs' members can continue to communicate via email and other events, in between the monthly virtual gatherings.

With the forums for Season Five (HERE) now open for any member to propose a topic, it is also easily possible that some of the topics may re-appear, either as one-off discussions, or in a continuous thread - which is the intention in a SIG, by other means.

For more on this approach see the PIElink Forums and Groups page : HERE

Further links and background

Special Interest Groups

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A service user-friendly language for PIEs and Pizazz : dates t.b.c

Commissioning for PIEs*

  • Those interested, contact Natalie at: natalie [dot] leona [dot ]timothy [@] gmail{dot] com)


Season Four's forums

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Where are we now?


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The language of the homelessness outcome Star*: HERE

(*an additional forum specifically to discuss service users' views of the proposed language of the recently revised version. )

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