Can you spot the difference? TIC and PIEs

Can you beat ChatGPT?

TIC and PiEs - what’s the difference?

We asked the new AI software: ‘How do we create a PIE’?  It’s answer was pretty good; except that the answer it gave was actually a description of TIC. It just didn’t know the difference; or even that there was one.

So we asked it again: What's the difference between TIC and PIEs. Here's it's answer : (HERE)

Can you do better?

Enter the PIElink’s ‘Spot the difference’ competition by identifying up to six of the main ways that Chat GPT missed - and you can win a signed copy of Robin Johnson’s new book, 'PIEs from the ground up: service design for complex needs’ (HERE) - list price £15.99!

The judges will be the new PIELINK editorial team; and marks will be given for topicality, creativity and wider relevance; and of course, humour....

Entries to: robin [@] pielink [dot] net

Closing date : 5th March 2024, 12 noon.

Working with trauma : HERE

How do we create a PIE?

And then,

What's the difference between TC and PIE?

Chat GPT’s answers (HERE)