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Hello, and welcome to the PIElink.

This is the only website in the world entirely devoted to supporting a constantly growing, constantly evolving community of practice in the development of psychologically informed environments - PIEs.


But this is a big and a complex subject; and that means this is a complex website. There is plenty to browse, and you can browse freely. But it may be hard to know where to start.

So this page is intended primarily for those new to the very idea of a PIE; and here we aim to set you on course for understanding the basics of what we mean by a PIE; and what it might mean for you.


That said, even those already fairly familiar with the basics may well find in this collection of pages that the descriptions we give here - the most up-to-date summaries of where we are at - may still hold something new for you.

Either way, we aim to stimulate and encourage further exploration.


Here you will find the core themes of the most recent PIE framework spelled out. In each case there are links to more detailed examples, so that you can begin straightaway to track down what in particular interests you just now.

There are also some more general pointers for those thinking to take your first steps in this direction, more for the spirit of the thing. And there's a little on the history, the on-going development of these ideas - which you may some day be an active part of yourselves.

Or you can just browse around the whole thing, in your own way. The page on 'Navigating around this site' (HERE) may give you a jump start.

The important thing is to take your own time in exploring all the material here; and for now, take from it only what you find useful.


And for those who are ready to go further, follow the links to the 'Digging Deeper' pages : HERE

Essential background and other key links

Introducing the PIE approach : HERE

Navigating around this site : HERE

Some general advice : HERE

The PIElink forums programme : HERE

All PIE publications : HERE


Current hot topics

PIEs and TIC - working with trauma : HERE

Housing First and PIEs - how do they work together ? : HERE

PIE Special Interest Groups : HERE


The PIEs 2.0 framework

PIEs 2.0 - the basics : HERE

  • Psychological awareness 101 : HERE
  • Training and Support 101 : HERE
  • Learning and Enquiry 101 : HERE
  • The Three Rs 101 : HERE
  • Spaces of Opportunity 101 : HERE


The development of the PIEs approach

What's the big idea? : HERE

Where did it all come from? : HERE

Relationships and complex needs : HERE


Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper : HERE