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Chapter 9 : The future for PIEs (and the PIElink)

Where to now?

Note that this is one area of the site that is likely to evolve faster than others, over the next few years. We cannot predict too far in advance how the site design may need to develop to keep abreast of such changes.

What we can promise is that the page and link structure will allow you to browse and find the pages on any issue, whatever your particular interests.  Key to that ambition and promise is this page, where we can record any major shifts, whether in the design of this site's pages and content, or in the fundamental thinking.


Probably most significant of all is the creation of the new company, Psychologically Informed Environments Promotion and Research CIC (PIEPR for short) (HERE)

This formally a 'not for profit' company formed specifically to maintain this website, continue the work of the forums and SIGs, and other exciting new developments in fresh directions (HERE).


For more on the future of PIEs and the PIElink itself, you will need to go into the Members Area, which you can access via the main menus, or via ‘Digging Deeper’ : HERE.


Chapter contents links

All PIE publications : HERE


I : Preface

2 : Introduction : HERE

3 : Ideas in practice : HERE

4 : What is the PIElink? : HERE

5 : Five core themes : HERE

6 : Introducing the PIEs approach : HERE

7 : Good questions : HERE

8 : Pizazz and the PIE Abacus : HERE

9 : The future for PIEs : HERE


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