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This is the resources hub for the on-line community of practice for PIEs – psychologically informed environments - and ‘all things PIE’.

So, first question: what brings you here?

  • Just browsing
  • Searching for something / ideas
  • Getting involved
  • Catching up


Just browsing?

If you are completely new to the PIEs approach, and looking for a fairly quick summary, you’ll probably want to find out about:

  • The broad idea
  • The most up-to-date PIEs framework
  • The self-assessment process (the ‘Pizazz’)
  • Opportunities to get involved


Searching for ideas

If you are searching for some ideas in more depth about PIEs – exploring, introducing, developing, evaluating – then you might want to .

  • Ideas
  • Research
  • Practice development
  • Evaluation
  • Service design for complex needs (‘PIEs from the ground up’)


Searching for something specific

  • A topic
  • An item in the Library
  • Case studies
  • A discussion


Wanting to get involved?

  • Registering your interests
  • Getting newsletters and announcements
  • Joining forums and special interest groups (or create your own!)


Catching up

The PIE concept has evolved over a period, just as the services we work with and support have evolved too. This section of the site is primarily for members who joined some time ago, and returning after a period, to see what’s been going on since then.

For the benefit of folk come back here only after a period of getting on with it, just to see what is new, and what has been changing recently, this section attempts to chart some of the developments in the ideas, from

  • the origins in practice of this new approach, to
  • the first suggestions of the term 'PIE', to describe what was happening;
  • all that has happened since; and
  • what we are currently working on.

Just browsing

  • The broad idea : HERE
  • The most up-to-date PIEs framework : HERE
  • The self-assessment process (the ‘Pizazz’) : HERE
  • Opportunities to get involved : HERE
  • The book : HERE

Searching for ideas

  • Ideas : HERE
  • Research : HERE
  • Practice development : HERE
  • Evaluation : HERE
  • Case studies : HERE

Searching for something specific

  • A topic : HERE
  • An item in the Library : HERE
  • A live discussion : HERE

Wanting to get involved

  • Registering your interests : HERE
  • Getting newsletters and announcements : HERE
  • Joining forums and special interest groups (or create your own!) : HERE

Catching up

  • What's new?  : HERE
  • Where did it all come from?  : HERE