“The PIE iAbacus is to the Pizazz on paper what the video conference is to the telephone.  The telephone is very well suited to one-to-one, in-depth, perhaps quite tactful exploration of individual experiences. But if it’s a wider conversation and bigger picture that is called for, it’s the internet that you need……”

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About the PIE iAbacus

Six scenarios

Assessment training and affiliation

Another milestone

The PIE iAbacus represents the next stage in the evolution of the PIEs approach.

The PIE iAbacus does not replace the Pizazz on paper. They work together.

It is more like the next stepping stone.

Although piloted over a year, in a dozen locations and agencies with many dozen services involved, its full potential is still only just emerging (not helped by 6 months of lockdown). Nevertheless, we can already see that the PIE iAbacus does do far more than simply putting Pizazz on paper assessments on-line.

  • It allows larger organisations and networks to get an overview across all their services - to track progress, identify stumbling blocks, and trouble shoot
  • At locality level, it can garner multiple agencies’ views of problems, strengths and barriers – including the views of service users and other non-provider groups.
  • And it can provide a platform for wider communities of practice, and research on what works, with a whole new dimension of clarity, depth and coverage.

The PIE iAbacus is therefore a hugely ambitious project; and quite possibly ahead of its time. Certainly it is not for everyone, at every stage.  (See ‘ Ambition and modesty’)

So for all those for whom the Pizazz in itself has been – or would be - a major step forward, the most important thing is to go at the pace that is right for you.

In the supporting documentation here, we will include brief videos showing a handful of typical ‘scenarios’, to illustrate how the PIE iAbacus can support development, at almost any stage in the progress of the PIE approach in your services.


NB: Timed to coincide with the release of the PIE iAbacus we also have three new training course, all on-line, and all designed to be taken entirely at your

About the PIE iAbacus

PIE iAbacus use and terms of use (PIElink page) HERE

Why is it called the PIE iAbacus? (PIElink page) HERE

Ambition and modesty (PIElink page) HERE

Costs, and the business model (PIElink page) HERE


Six scenarios:

1: The PIE iAbacus in a specialist service

2: The PIE Abacus in a medium- to large organisation

3: The PIE Abacus in a locality network

4: The PIE Abacus in a community of practice

5: The PIE Abacus as a research tool

6: Using the PIE Abacus with PIEs 1.


Assessment training and affiliation

PIEs, Pizazz and PIE Abacus PIE leads training (PIElink page) HERE

The Affiliates programme (PIElink page) HERE