Top-to-toe PIE embedding

We do already know of some services that are keen to embed the PIE approach throughout the whole of the organisation, from the Board of Governors to the frontline of services – from top to toe.   But we believe there are others; maybe many others, with this ambition.

This discussion was one of the liveliest from Season One of these lunchtime forums. So we continued the conversation, over Season Two; and will surely return to this in Season Three (autumn 2021).

In the diagram and video in the next column, Robin Johnson sums up, as best he can, the range of issues that were discussed.

There is a case for trying to condense it still further, with listed bullet points. But it is the way that all these issues interweave and re-enforce each other that is the central message. So we won't.

NB: Here we will also have links to any material sent in, or other resources, for sharing.


Further background reading/listening/viewing

The other three PIEs community collaborations in this series are:

  1. Psychologically informed boundary setting : HERE
  2. PIEs, Housing First and community integration : HERE
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PLEASE NOTE: By its nature, the discussions on embedding throughout an organisation will have tended to be internal to each agency. There is less written - so far - for the public gaze, as 'case studies'.  As the discussions develop, we may expect to see more examples here.